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Internship | Robotics Test Vehicle AGV

Oldenzaal, Overijssel

You can apply for this internship untill the 7th of June.


RIWO has a large track record in control for autonomous guided vehicles in agricultural and industrial applications. The current generation of AGVs navigates using guidance wires and RFID tags. Although this is a robust solution in various circumstances, we are seeking opportunities to provide more flexible localization and navigation solutions for our customers. We have a custom build test vehicle available as a platform to test have newly developed functionality in practice. The test vehicle is based on the feeding robot of one of our customers and thus resembles an actual hardware in production. 

Assignment: Electrical (RE-) Engineering

Our test vehicle has undergone various changes in the hardware configuration over the past years. As a result of this continued development and additions we are currently in need of some cleaning and tidying up of the hardware design. You’ll need to update the available design documentation, evaluate the electrical safety features and possibly (re-) engineer the electrical hardware to implement additional functionality.

When you’re done we will have a future proof test vehicle that will speed up our development in the coming years. 

Suggested program(s): electrical engineering [internship]

How we work

At our department we work in with the Agile/SCRUM workflow. At the start of you assignment you will write a problem description in your own words, to see if you clearly understand the goal of the assignment. Then for each 3-week sprint you write a sprint report where you discuss the process, implementation and results of the finished sprint and determine the functional requirements and planning for the upcoming sprint.

At the end of your assignment you will present your achievements to the company in the form of a presentation and demonstration.

We are happy with curious, enthusiastic and independent students who want to look back on a meaningful internship period. You’ll have a lot of freedom to develop yourself, with personal guidance. Take control of your assignment, tailor it to your needs. Your ideas are welcome!

All internship students receive a internship allowance, the amount depends on the level of education.

About RIWO

RIWO specializes in industrial automation and machine and process control. We work on (customized) projects which are prepared in our office and commissioned onsite. Within RIWO, we appreciate an informal and collegial working atmosphere.

We differentiate ourselves by relieving our customers by supporting them in project management, organization and selection of machine controls, be in lead of automation development, but especially by investing in ourselves. Most importantly, our employees make the difference. By combining the aspects mentioned above, our customer relations will turn into partnerships.