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Internship vacancy | Robotics ROS HMI for engineers

Oldenzaal, Overijssel

RIWO works on different automation challenges using robotics. The Robot Operating System 2 (ROS2) is used to control a variety of robotic systems, including manipulators, ground vehicles and AI based perception. Currently the robotics engineers interact with the system via the command line but tooling is available that allows the creation of human-machine interfaces to visualize various types of data in the robotic system. Use of such tooling could support the robotics engineer in analyzing, debugging and optimizing system performance.

Assignment: ROS HMI for engineers

There are several tools available with that provide a data interface for ROS, probably with various strong points and weaknesses. You can start with making an overview and comparison between different tools. The different projects that are running at the department also pose different requirements on the interface. Based on the overview and the requirements coming form the different project you choose a tool and can deliver a proof of concept HMI for one of the projects to showcase the possibilities of a dedicated ROS HMI for engineers.

Suggested programs: (applied) computer science / electrical engineering / mechatronics

How we work

All of our student assignments are all related to ongoing R&D projects, so your input may end up in a real product at one of our customers.

At our department we work in with the Agile/SCRUM workflow. At the start of you assignment you will write a problem description in your own words, to see if you clearly understand the goal of the assignment. Then for each 3-week sprint you write a sprint report where you discuss the process, implementation and results of the finished sprint and determine the functional requirements and planning for the upcoming sprint.

At the end of your assignment you will present your achievements to the company in the form of a presentation and demonstration.

We are happy with curious, enthusiastic and independent students who want to look back on a meaningful internship period. You’ll have a lot of freedom to develop yourself, with personal guidance. Take control of your assignment, tailor it to your needs. Your ideas are welcome!

All internship students receive a internship allowance, the amount depends on the level of education.